Prior to Reading Strategies

During Reading Strategies
Strategy: Process Notes
A strategy that helps students work through the steps and procedures for negotiating a multitude of tasks, such as solving word problems.
Benefits of this strategy:
  • Guides students through the steps in solving word problems
  • Word problems become far less intimidating
  • Assists students in becoming better problem-solvers

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After Reading Strategies

Writing Frames
Strategy: Problem-Solving Writing Frame
This strategy allows students to explain the mathematical processes needed to solve a multiple-step problem. In addition, students provide a written explanation on the various steps needed to solve the problem. Students will synthesize all the information provided throughout the mathematical plan to produce a paragraph.
  • Incorporates writing within the content area
  • Provides opportunities for teachers to better understand their students’ thinking processes
  • Teachers can provide precise feedback on how a student might approach a problem more effectively (serve as a conferring tool)